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[Tango News] The Evolution of Tango Music, and more...
October 07, 2007
===New article on the evolution of Tango Music===
===BBC Radio Tango piece===
===Beginners' Workshop in London===

Welcome to the new issue of Tango News

Just recently I've been asked several times about an important moment in the early evolution of Tango music. The question is about the difference between "dos por cuatro" Tango (which musicologists in Buenos Aires also refer to as the "canyengue" period of Tango music history) and the modern "cuatro por ocho" Tango, and when the change from one to the other happened. "Canyengue" is a word we hear a lot, and recently it has developed several different meanings. This article may help to clarify one of them:


BBC Radio 4 recently featured a Tango item on their flagship programme "Woman's Hour", to coincide with the launch of my new book "The Meaning of Tango" in the UK. For anyone who missed the programme, you can hear it by going to:


Also to coincide with the launch of my book, I'm going to be teaching a Beginners' workshop in London on October 21st at the Sadlers Wells. If you know anyone in the UK who might be interested, please ask them to go to:

And tell them to book quickly, as space is limited and filling fast!

There's a lot going on at and - we hope to be making some big announcements soon...

Christine Denniston

author of "The Meaning of Tango", published by Portico

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